Pets Souvenir

3D Paw Print Set(圖1)

Honor your special member (cats/dogs) of the family with this special unique custom made pet paw print keepsake set. Each 3D paw print is moulded, hand-refined and painted individually. Halo & Co., is proud to be the first one to introduce 3D paw print custom-making service since 2010 through pet’s cremation service providers. A paw print set consists of 3D paw prints, a pine wood frame and photo design. We have 2 sizes of frame, and 2 colors (walnut brown, off-white) to choose from. Paw prints can be painted in either Gold, Silver or White.

Please notify us for arrangement 2 days before cremation if you are to place order.

The 3D paw print set is not suitable for small pets such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc.

3D Paw Print Set(圖2)

3D Paw Print Set(圖2)